The signs of opium addiction is something that everyone must know about – sadly, opium addiction happens more often and far more quickly than most people tend to realize.

The high that opium gives a person may be good, but almost every time it is to be taken, the individual in question would have to take a higher dose in order to get the same kind of high that he or she got the first time he or she used opium.

Opium Addiction

Couple this with the fact that it would not take long before a person would develop some sort of physical and psychological dependence on the substance, thus making opium addiction one of the most dangerous and alarming of all drug addictions that people may be subjected to.

afghan opiumOpium addiction begins with the first use – despite the usual “pleasant” effects lasting for an average of a mere four hours, the alkaloids in opium would often stay in the body’s system for as long as forty-eight hours, and it never actually disappears from the system within less than twenty-four hours.

addictedIt doesn’t help that the said alkaloids include both codeine and morphine, which serve to “chill out” and calm down a person – the state of lowered anxiety often makes opium addiction the kind of thing that’s hard to fight. That being said, opium addiction must be recognized immediately before it becomes far too difficult to wean someone out of it.

In this section of the site, we will provide you with means of recognizing the signs of opium addiction and a directory of organizations that would help you and your loved ones through the rehabilitation process.