Heroin All you need to know


Heroin is a highly addictive drug that has devastating effects on the health of a person. The drug is derived or extracted from a poppy plant.

Heroin is an illegal drug all over the globe and comes with devastating effects on the health and well being of a person. It’s a powerful drug that makes a person dependent on it in a dangerous way.

Heroin has been known to affect the ability of the brain to perceive pain and therefore a person under its influence can undergo irredeemable damage without them knowing.Heroin comes from Opium Poppy. It’s imperative to note that abusers of the drug use it in a variety of ways. These are:

•           Injections

•           Smoked in water or standard pipe

•           Inhaled as a smoke

•           Snorted as powder through the nose

How various individuals use the drug is wholly dependent on the preference of a person as well as they type of heroin. It’s of essence to note that there is pure heroin and heroine which is mixed by marijuana. This does not however mean that the effects of the drug are any different. As such, individuals are advised against abusing heroin because of some of the irreversible effects that come with abusing it. Some of the short term effects of using heroin include:

•           Euphoric feeling

•           Heavy extremists

•           Dry mouth

•           Drowsiness

•           Slurred speech

•           Constricted pupils

•           Vomiting

•           Constipation

•           Impaired night vision

It’s imperative to note that the short term effects of abusing heroin lasts only a few hours. They appear as soon as a person takes a single dose and this is an indication of how powerful the drug is. Prolonged use of heroin leads to long term and devastating effects such as:

•           Collapsed veins

•           Heart lining and valves infection

•           Liver disease

•           Cellulites

•           Pulmonary complications

•           Clogging of the blood vessels

•           Death

Abusers of heroin develop greater tolerance the more they keep abusing the drug. This essentially means that an abuser is forced to take larger portions of heroin in order to experience his desired effect of being high.

The consumption of heroin is illegal in all parts of the globe. In fact, there is not a single country that has legalized the use of heroin. Heroin addicts become fully dependent on the drug and therefore end up becoming withdrawn from family members and friends.

They exhibit erratic behavior and some form of aggression. They also stand a higher chance of contracting the dreaded HIV aids because of sharing of the needles during injections.

The best way to prevent over-reliance on the use of heroin is by seeking treatment. In as much as quitting the problematic due to the high levels of addiction, the benefits far outweigh the pain that a person may experience. Withdrawal symptoms are usually devastating and therefore a person an abuser should be prepared for the long painful road of treatment. The effects of the drug should be reason enough as to why a person should desist from taking the heroine drug.