Opium Addiction

Opium is a drug that is extracted from the popular poppy plant. Like other hard drugs, prolonged use of opium leads to devastating effects which might inadvertently affect the health and well being of a person. Over-reliance on opium leads to an addiction which could prove devastating to the health of a person. Opium addiction is basically an uncontrollable desire to use opium. The addiction is usually so strong that a person can do anything just to get a dose of opium.

How to overcome it

It’s imperative to note that opium is a common drug used for medical purposes. It is generally prescribed to relieve pain but patients tend to become reliant on it. Opium addiction is a very serious condition especially when a patient continues to depend on it even after the purpose for which it was prescribe is achieved.


There are many symptoms that a person can tell of a person with opium addiction. These symptoms are:

•           Having excessive thoughts about consuming opium

•           Secretiveness on the use of opium

•           Uncontrollable craving to use opium

•           Misuse of finances to acquire opium

•           Appetite loss

•           Hallucinations

It’s imperative to note that there are complications which are associated with opium addiction. These are:

•           Health problems

•           Having relationship problems

•           Developing depression

•           Problems at workplace

•           Social problems

All the above mentioned problems are as a result of opium addiction and can be very devastating. Opium addiction has the capability to wreck a person’s life. It makes a person fully dependant on drugs and as such cannot do anything useful without consuming the drug. The fact that the opium is prescribed as a drug should not be construed to mean that it should be relied upon. Many people have fallen into opium addiction because they continued using it long after the purpose for which it was prescribed has been treated. Diagnosing opium addiction early is of essence in ensuring that individuals get quality treatment and that they cease from being dependent on the drug.

Quitting the addiction

Opium addiction can be treated if the abuser willingly makes up their mind to quit. In as much as quitting the addiction might be a herculean task; the benefits far outweigh the pain that one goes through. The first step towards opium addiction treatment is by the abuser first realizing that the addiction is a problem and therefore there is a need to change ones ways. A person should also undergo motivational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, addiction treatment programs, and psychotherapy among many others. All these initiatives are meant to provide an individual with a platform to relieve himself of opium addiction.


Patients who have an opium addiction as a result of a prescription from a doctor should make a conscious decision to quit using the drug. The treatment might pose some form of challenges but it’s the best option if a person wants to lead a drug free life. Opium addiction is devastating but this does not mean that a person cannot quit. The withdrawal symptoms could be as nasty as they come but with sheer determination, anyone can quit using or being over-reliant on the drug.