What are the heroin effects?


Among other addictive drugs, heroin has been used by many people and in turn they have been through the heroin effects. The method you are using to take the drug does not matter. The effects will be the same, and in other cases even worse. Heroin targets the central nervous system, and destroys it.  There are long term effects of the drug, and short term effects.

heroin effects

Short Term.

The short term heroin effects include, it gives you a euphoria feeling. This may also be accompanied by a warm skin flushing. You will also have the feeling that your legs and arms are heavy, and your mouth is very dry. After this, the user will experience drowsiness, usually referred to as the nod.

Since the target of heroin drug is on the central nervous system, you find that the user will have a mind that is cloudy. Then after that, you will begin to breathe at a rate that is very slow. This is dangerous and may result to failing to breathe and death respectively.

Long Term.

drug effectsThe long term effects of taking heroin are more damaging to the body. To the people who take in heroin by way of injection, they do this by the use of one needle. This will put them at the risk of contracting the deadly HIV and AIDS. Then, heroin affects the heart lining and the body valves. This is brought about by the absence of sterile.

Most people, who have used the drug continually, may develop a liver disease by at some point in their life. The injection and sharing of the snorting tube of the drug, brings about hepatitis C. it also brings about kidney diseases. Having the kidney diseases is very painful, and it may lead you to the grave very easily.

Also there are the infection related effects that take place on the pulmonary. Heroin also affects the skin, and abscesses. The people who take the drug by way of injection may have chronic injections, and therefore suffer veins that are either scarred, or they result to collapsing.

Apart from the long and short term effects of taking heroin, there is the risk of death posed by overdosing. Al drugs are supposed to be prescribed, and they must have a limit. Having an overdose of the drug may result to an instant death. Overdosing may be accidental, or may take place intentionally.

Secondly, taking the drug from the streets may be more dangerous than taking pure heroin. This is because it has to be mixed with other ingredients that may pose a more serious health risk. This should be completely avoided. Staying clean away from drugs is the best way for your body and health.