The Opium Effects Deal.


Opium effects, from the opium poppy and Opium Effects are often (wrongly) believed to be the less destructive drug of choice. The truth is, while it may not get as much attention as the other types of substance abuse, opium effects are just as alarming and harmful as the rest of them.

Remember, the notorious heroin drug is essentially a more potent drug that’s a synthetic derivative of opium. So if you’re aware of the devastating wreck heroin leaves on our bodies, keep in mind that opium effects can be just as terrible. It is extremely important to shed the light on opium and its effects on our healthy bodies.

The depressant has been used as a medicine and painkiller since nearly two thousand years ago, but only manifested negative opium effects when it began to be smoked in the 17th century. As proven later, opium effects come much slower when it is eaten or drank, than when the drug is smoked.
For one, a distressing indication of opium effects taking place is an intense addiction settling in. Tolerance, or the practice of having to increasing the dosage to achieve the same effect, soon becomes necessary, and withdrawal symptoms start to be evident when the user tries to cut back. Like withdrawal from other forms of addiction, symptoms include restlessness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and body aches, among others.

Of course, there are reasons why people tend to seek out this drug. Short-term opium effects are usually pleasurable ones, believed to be similar to the effects of alcohol consumption, a fellow depressant. Once taken, an opium user almost immediately feels blissful, relaxed and strangely free from all anxieties. This euphoric high will ride itself out for a few hours.


Constant use of this substance may lead to unavoidable and undesirable long-term opium effects. Aside from the addiction that’s incredibly tough to break free of, it will affect other parts of your life that’s not apparent from the beginning.
Opium effects cost dearly, just as every addiction has personal consequences. Chasing after a drug so desperately may cause problems on relationships, commitments, finances and careers.

Drug Abuse

Most significantly, you’re health will certainly suffer greatly from the continuous drug abuse. Opium effects in the body include an increased risk of heart disease or infection. Other areas to watch out for are collapsed veins and liver diseases which may prove to be sensitive areas and a considerable risk.
If you’re a recovering user, try to listen to your body and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Make sure you stop by the doctor’s office for check-ups once in a while to be safe. After all, subjecting yourself to the drug must mean you are left to endure the opium effects that come much later.

The defense and immune system of an addict – even a former addict – are left incredibly diminished and unable to protect the body against the simplest infections. An infection that opium users are particularly susceptible to is pneumonia.

It will come gradually, in time, but opium effects will eventually wreck havoc on the human body and life.